Epic for Attendings

  1. Signing In: Make sure that when the attending signs into EPIC, he/she chooses EHHOP as his/her department
  2. Accessing the Patient’s Chart: Go to Schedule → On the bottom-left side of the screen, click on “EHHOP” → that day’s schedule should appear → double-click on the patient’s name to open his/her chart
  3. To reiterate: The attending MUST open a patient’s chart via the Schedule in order to be able to access the Visit Navigator, write the progress note, and do everything else required to close the patient encounter (discussed below)
  4. Don’t be shy about periodically reminding attendings to hurry things along in an effort to keep clinic flow moving

Closing an Encounter: In order for an attending to close an encounter, he/she MUST DO THE FOLLOWING:

  1. Enter a Reason for Visit (should really be done by the clinician team)
  2. Enter a Diagnosis (should also be done by the clinician team)
  3. MUST Sign ALL Orders
  4. Enter a Level Of Service (can only be done by the attending)
  5. Write a Progress Note – NOT an addendum to the student note (when there is no Progress Note, EPIC will say “no additional encounter notes found”)
    • A progress note can be created/written via the Visit Navigator
    • To see if a progress note has been written go to “Chart Review” → “Encounters” → “Office Visit” (NOT the student note) → you’ll see a header that says “Progress Note” with text under it.


AN ATTENDING CAN CLOSE AN ENCOUNTER EVEN IF THE SENIOR CLINICIAN HASN’T FINISHED HIS/HER STUDENT NOTE. THEY ARE SEPARATE ENTITIES!! JUST MAKE SURE THAT THE CLINICIAN TEAM IS DONE INPUTTING ANY INFO/ORDERS INTO VISIT NAVIGATOR. IF THEY ARE, THEN THE ENCOUNTER IS READY TO BE CLOSED!!! To see if a student note has been co-signed by the attending, go to “Chart Review” → “Encounters” → “Student Note” → scroll to the bottom. If it says “Accepted By” and the attending’s name, the note has been signed; if it says “Required By,” then it still needs to be signed.