Urgent Medications

Medication Refill and Pharmacy Instructions for Patients

PPI Prescribing Decision Aid

Opening the Medication Bins

Opening the Supply Closet

Opening the IMA Lockers

Locating and Tracking Diabetic Testing Supplies || glucometer strips

Getting reimbursed for a purchase for EHHOP || payment money finance reimbursement paf

Discontinuing a Medication


  1. All pharmacy directions must be entered in English on Epic.
  2. If you need to prescribe a medication that is not listed on the EHHOP Formulary, write "Please contact Dr. Yasmin Meah before filling this medication" in the free text field of the prescription order.
  3. Tell the TS if your patient needs medical devices (e.g. wrist braces, compression stockings). These can be ordered for your patient, but not through the Sinai Employee Pharmacy.
  4. Ask the TS about corticosteroid potency chart.
  5. Any other questions/difficulties? Contact Pharmacy Chair, James Blum.