Cardiac - Stress Echocardiography


This referral requires charity care.

Senior Clinician

Teaching Senior

Access to Care Team

Ambulatory Referrals Manager: Greeshma Rajeev-Kumar


A patient with charity care level 1 usually will be asked to pay $10. For additional cost information, contact the Emerging Referrals Manager.

Wait Time

Wait time for stress tests done under the study will vary depending on patient availability.

Wait time will vary depending on how long it takes to complete the charity care process. Stress tests can usually be scheduled within 1-3 weeks.

Contact Information

Cardiology Imaging (855) 674-3278

Patient Financial Services: First floor, 17 East 102nd street (CAM) 212-824-7280

Ambulatory Referrals Manager: Greeshma Rajeev-Kumar

EHHOP Cardiology TS: Robert Arao