Cardiology Clinic (EHHOP)


This referral does not require charity care.

Senior Clinician

Fill out this Google Form with the patient.

Teaching Senior

Check the Cardio tab of the Ancillary Clinic Referrals spreadsheet to see what the SC submitted.

Access to Care Team

EHHOP Cardiology Clinic is an ancillary clinic. Nothing for ACT to do.


Appointments with cardiology fellows in EHHOP have no cost.

Wait Time

EHHOP Cardiology Clinic occurs in the main clinic (same location) approximately every 3-4 months.

Contact Information

The TS will contact the clinic managers to schedule the patient for an EHHOP Cardiology appointment.

EHHOP Cardiology Clinic: 17 East 102nd St, 7th Floor Area C (EHHOP)

Curbside consult: Dr. Newsha Ghodsi

EHHOP Cardiology TS: Anirudh Kumar