Locating and Tracking Diabetic Testing Supplies


Locating Diabetic Testing Supplies:

Step 1: Check the medication bins located at the front desk. The combination for BOTH boxes is 3-6-9, from top to bottom.

Step 2: Check the EHHOP storage lockers. The lockers are located in the back hallway to the left near the elevator bay.

Step 3: Check the overflow supply located on CAM 6 West outside office D6-127 in the Visiting Doctors corridor. The cabinet is tall with drawers, dark gray and labelled "EHHOP". It is not locked. You need to swipe your ID on the weekend to get in and it is easiest if you use the back service elevator from IMA/EHHOP to the 6th floor (press 6R for "rear" to access the floor).

Step 4: If you cannot locate the needed supplies in any of these locations please call Katie, Ari, Yotam, or Thuy-An to confirm that we are out of supplies. We may be able to arrange for the patient to pick up emergency supplies from Metropolitan pharmacy.

Step 5: If none of the above options work, please take down the patient's name, phone number, and supplies needed. Also confirm how many days worth of supplies they have remaining at home. We will arrange for them to pick up supplies during the week.

Tracking Diabetic Testing Supplies:

Please use this spreadsheet to track diabetic testing supplies distributed: DM Supply Tracking.