Dispensary of Hope


Dispensary of Hope:

Dispensary of Hope (DOH) is a non-profit organization that supplies medications free of charge for patients at EHHOP. While medications have always been free for patients at EHHOP, DOH means that EHHOP will no longer have to pay for many of these medications.

For Clinicians and Patients:

Enrollment Instructions:

  1. CMs print DOH forms in English and Spanish and will include a reminder in morning announcements. They should also put the blue lockbox on the CM desk from the pharmacy shelf (key is inside yellow PDAP bin).
  2. TSs include DOH enrollment as an item on the sign-in (part of "Health Maintenance" tab) and hand out DOH forms during rounds. They can look at the Master Patient List to see if a patient needs this included.
  3. Seniors fill out DOH forms with patients, including the seniors' signature, and put in the blue lockbox at the CMs' desk.
  4. TSs confirm with seniors during sign-out that DOH form completed and mark on the Master Patient List.
  5. Labs TSs take the forms from the blue lockbox on the CMs'desk to the blue lockbox in the closet in the Student Lounge (key tapped on back of fridge) using these codes.
  6. Pharm Team Members collect the forms from the Student Lounge lockbox, upload them to the patient's EPIC account using Haiku (instructions below), and scan them to (can use the library scanner or a free app like TinyScanner). This should be finished by Sunday 11:59 PM.

Using EPIC Haiku to Upload Enrollment Forms:

  1. Go to App Store.
  2. Search “Haiku”.
  3. Download “EPIC Haiku & Limerick” (you don't have to be on campus to do this).
  4. Go to your phone settings, scroll down to see Haiku, enter the following (settings might be in different location for Android):
    • Server:
    • Path: interconnect-haiku-prd
  5. Go back to the Haiku App.
  6. Log In with your EPIC username and password.
  7. On the bottom right of the screen, press “More”.
  8. Press “Search”.
  9. Search for the particular patient via MRN/name/etc.
  10. Next to the patient’s name on top of the screen, there will be a small camera icon. Press that, and choose “capture clinical media”.
  11. Allow Haiku to access your camera/microphone.
  12. Take the photo of the signed DOH document.
  13. Write “DOH Consent Form DD/MM/YY” in the description and save.
  14. Shred the physical copies of the forms in the library or in the Aron Hall lounge.