EHHOP Cardiology


This referral does not require charity care.

Senior Clinician

Teaching Senior

Access to Care Team

For further support, contact the [Emerging Referrals Manager][ERM] or the [Teaching Senior][TS].


Appointments with cardiology fellows in EHHOP have no cost.

Wait Time

EHHOP Cardiology Clinic occurs in the main clinic (same location) approximately every 2 months.

Contact Information

The TS will contact the clinic managers to schedule the patient for an EHHOP Cardiology appointment.

EHHOP Cardiology Clinic: 17 East 102nd St, 7th Floor Area C (EHHOP)

Curbside consult: Dr. Newsha Ghodsi

Patient Financial Services: First floor, 17 East 102nd St. (212) 824-7280

EHHOP Cardiology TS: Edwin Homan

ACT Emerging Referrals Manager: Dan Leisman