Mental Health


Patients may be referred to the EHHOP Mental Health Clinic (MHC) free of charge for psychiatric evaluation, supportive counseling, and medication management.

Note: El Grupo is NOT active at this time.

Patients may be referred to MHC for any mental health concern.

For patients with mild anxiety and depression, SSRIs may be started and managed in Main Clinic. However, referral to MHC should be strongly considered for the indications below:

  • Moderate to severe depression (i.e. PHQ-9 score ≥ 10)
  • Moderate to severe anxiety (i.e. GAD-7 score ≥ 10)
  • History of recurrent mental illness
  • Suicidality
  • Psychosis
  • Mania or hypomania
  • Comorbid substance use disorder
  • Significant functional impairment

Patients in need of psychotherapy may alternatively be referred to the Institute for Family Health (IFH), which charges patients on a sliding scale basis. See the Access to Care Team section below for practical details.

Senior Clinician

Administer the PHQ-9 for depression and/or GAD-7 for anxiety as appropriate.

Fill out this google form with the patient.

For referrals to IFH (psychotherapy), inform ACT in clinic.

Referral to EHHOP Social Work may be appropriate for patients requiring psychosocial support but not psychiatric medication.

Teaching Senior

Ask the Senior Clinician to administer PHQ-9 and/or GAD-7 as appropriate and fill out this google form with the patient. The MHC team will then evaluate referrals and schedule patients for appointments.

Access to Care Team

The IFH Center for Counseling offers psychotherapy on a sliding scale. Patients must bring charity care documentation to IFH and should plan to arrive two hours prior to their appointment.

Inform patients that they must call IFH themselves at 212-423-4200 to make an intake appointment. IFH will NOT schedule an appointment without the patient on the phone.

Intake appointments can only be scheduled same day or next day. IFH is open Saturdays and Sundays, so the patient can call with you in clinic.

IFH also accepts patients on a walk-in basis, but patients may have to wait for hours and IFH cannot guarantee that they will be seen.

Email the patient’s ACT Case Manager and cc the patient’s Chronic Care Senior (if applicable) and the ACT Accessory Referrals Manager Aishwarya Raja.

Please direct any questions to the ACT Accessory Referrals Manager Aishwarya Raja.


MHC: Free!

IFH: sliding scale

Wait Time

New referrals are triaged based on urgency. The average wait time for a new appointment is one to two months. To inquire about current wait times, email chief TS Elisa Nabel, who can connect you with the MHC TS on call managing referrals.

Contact Information

17 East 102 Street, 7th floor.

Mental Health Chief CM: Byron Mui

Mental Health Chief Teaching Senior: Sam Powell

Director: Craig Katz, MD

For questions regarding IFH Mental Health contact: Accessory Referrals Manager: Aishwarya Raja