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When a clinician team needs to perform an electrocardiogram, the IMA EKG machine may be used but the patient's information CANNOT be entered; otherwise the patient will receive a bill.

  1. Use "EHHOP, RESEARCH" in place of patient's name, and use "0000001" in place of the patient's MRN.

  2. Review appropriate lead placement for ECGs. Place patient supine or with head of bed at 30 degrees. Attach stickers prior to connecting leads. Ask the head TS or labs TS for assistance if needed.

  3. After the EKG has been performed, the print-out MUST be scanned into the patient’s chart.

  4. In the attendings’ room, go to the shelf on the left wall → on it, you should see a black tray in which all documents that need to be scanned have been placed.

  5. Under the black tray, there is a manila file folder → take out one of the sheets in that folder and fill it out – this is the Scan Request Sheet and it must be filled out in order for the EKG to be scanned into the chart.

  6. Once all the info has been written on the sheet, paper clip it to the EKG and place it in the black tray.