CM End-of-Day Duties


Make sure that:

  1. Clean up patient rooms, waiting room, nurse's rooms, and nurses’ station.
  2. Clean up lunch in the conference room.
  3. Take down and wipe down the laminated signs, formulary and whiteboard.
  4. Double check all areas for any papers left containing patient information. It is imperative that this is not left out.
  5. For each patient that was seen, their encounter is CLOSED on EPIC (go to “Schedule” screen and make sure it says “CLOSED” in the Chart column for every patient seen) -If the encounter is "Open," please note the name and MRN of the patient, as well as the Attending who was assigned to the chart.
  6. Lock the two fridges in the nurse's rooms.
  7. Email Sandra Casey ( to let her know that everything in clinic has been left as it was found.
  8. Put all the bins back in the supply cupboard.
  9. Verify that all new patients have Dr. Meah as their PCP and the Icahn SOM Pharmacy as their pharmacy.
  10. Place the EHHOP Keys in the “EHHOP Front Desk Bin”
  11. Make sure computers are all logged out and the monitors are switched off (but don’t turn off the computers)
  12. Send the Post-Clinic Email.