Hearing Aids


Before your patient can receive a hearing aid, they must complete an appointment with an audiologist. Please see how to make audiology referrals.

Once they have been seen by an audiologist, please email EHHOP's Hearing Aids rep, Accessory Referrals Manager, for next steps.

Senior Clinician

Teaching Senior

Contact Accessory Referrals Manager for next steps.

Access to Care Team

Contact Accessory Referrals Manager for next steps.


To obtain hearing aids, we use a program called Hear Now. The cost to the patient is the application fee, which is $125 per hearing aid. Therefore, if the patient needs two hearing aids, they will cost $250.

Wait time

Since there are many steps in this referral split among various stakeholders, wait time will vary. It can be anywhere from a couple weeks to multiple months.

Contact information

For questions contact: Accessory Referrals Manager: Aishwarya Raja