Hospital Gynecology


This referral requires charity care.

Senior Clinician

Teaching Senior

Access to Care Team

Ambulatory Referrals Manager: Greeshma Rajeev-Kumar


The cost of an appointment for patients with charity care level 1 is $15. Appointments will be more expensive for patients with a higher charity care level.

For these prices, contact the Ambulatory Referrals Manager: Greeshma Rajeev-Kumar.

Appointment costs by charity care level are as follows:

  • CCL1 - $10
  • CCL2 - $18
  • CCL3 - $36
  • CCL4 - $90
  • CCL5 - $108
  • CCL6 - $135
  • CCL7 - $180

Wait time

It takes about 2 weeks after a patient has received charity care for a gynecology appointment to be scheduled. Urgent referrals can be expedited. Contact the [Emerging Referrals Manager][ERM] if the referral is urgent and needs to be expedited.

Contact information

Location: 1176 5th Ave., E floor

Phone Number: (212) 241-5994

For questions about gynecological surgeries, contact Carmen Hernandez, (212) 241-6718.

Ambulatory Referrals Manager: Greeshma Rajeev-Kumar