Part 8: End of Day Tasks


Clean Up the Labs Room!

Please do this before you leave, or IMA will send us an angry message that we have left things out of place.

For a guide on how every drawer and cabinet should look, see Cleaning Up and Restocking the Labs Room. If you need to know where to get more of something to restock a bin or drawer, please see Supply Locations.

Blood/Urine/GC Swabs

At the end of clinic, deliver all samples to the Icahn Building, 8th Floor. Make a left out of the elevator then turn right. Go to the window on the left at the end of the hall that says “Drop off specimens here".

Pap Smears

Print the order and put in a bag with the specimen. At the end of clinic, bring samples to Annenberg 15-33 (take a right out of the elevators, turn the corner, and take a right into 15-33). Inside, take an immediate right into the first small room (the Accessioning Room) and the drop bin is usually on the counter to your right.

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Because you are looking for a blue bin, and they can move around, it is almost always helpful to ask for help from a staff member. The bin may have a sign on it that says "Pick-up only, do not drop off specimens." This sign directs you to the Atran cytopathology lab (Atran 6-10); however, that is closed on weekends. We have been using the bin anyway, and the specimens do (usually) make it to Atran the following Monday.

Note: Previously, you needed to log samples in a green book in the Accessioning Room; this is no longer done.

To summarize, the three key points to remember:

  1. Annenberg 15, turn right and then right again into the room with a counter.

  2. Please make sure the ThinPrep vial is labeled with the patient name, MRN, and DOB in black ink.

  3. Please talk to a staff member to make sure you're putting it in the right bin.