Part 8: End of Day Tasks


Blood/Urine/GC Swabs: At the end of clinic, deliver all samples to the Icahn Building, 8th Floor. Make a left out of the elevator then turn right. Go to the window on the left at the end of the hall that says “Drop off specimens here".

Pap Smears: Print the order and put in a bag with the specimen. At the end of clinic, bring samples to Annenberg 15-33 (take a right out of the elevators, turn the corner, and take a right into 15-33). Inside, take an immediate right into the first small room and the drop bin is on your right sitting on top of a file cabinet. There's a paper notebook in the bin where you should record the patient name and MRN for each sample along with "pap cytology from EHHOP clinic" and the time you're dropping it off.