Breast Imaging


This referral does not require charity care.

Sinai Breast Resources provides EHHOP with free Mammograms and Breast Ultrasounds.

The protocol for Breast Ultrasounds and mammograms is the same. The same form needs to be filled out for both.

Please note that further intervention following an abnormal mammogram will be coordinated by Mount Sinai Breast Health Resource Program. For example, once an EHHOP patient establishes with this program, EHHOP clinicians do not need to put in any referrals for follow-up imaging or biopsies. This should all be taken care of by their social worker and case managers. Should you have questions, please contact the Access to Care Team (ACT).

Senior Clinician

Download the mammogram form.

The referrals team will schedule a breast imaging appointment for your patient, and follow them through the rest of the referral.

Teaching Senior

Download the mammogram form.

Access to Care Team


Cost to EHHOP Patient: Free

NOTE: Patients may receive a bill in the mail. This is because the Dubin office sometimes send out the bills before they receive the reimbursement from the Breast Health Fund. The patients can safely ignore the bills because the Breast Fund covers the cost. In addition, the Breast Health Manager emails Yanette whenever patients get bills to ensure appropriate follow-through.

Wait Time

~2 weeks for a mammogram only appointment. 3-5 weeks for a breast ultrasound.

Contact Information

CAM 17 E. 102 Floor 6th floor, (212) 659-8554

Referrals Manager: Dijon Parker


Download the mammogram form.