Patient Ambassador


Patient ambassadors are available to accompany patients to their referral appointments to assist with check-in. To request a patient ambassador, please email the Patient Navigation and Wellness Chair and CC the patient's Chronic Care Senior and/or ACT Case Manager with the following information:

Appointment Information:

Patient Information:

Spanish-speaking ambassadors are currently limited - please only request a Spanish-speaking ambassador if you feel language will be an overwhelming barrier for the patient. Please also note that Spanish-speaking ambassadors are not trained to translate during appointments. Instead, they ensure that proper translating services (the translator phone) are used.

Generally, patient ambassadors meet with the patient 15 minutes prior to the appointment in the lobby of the building where the appointment is with a sign that says, "EHHOP". Ambassadors then bring the patient to the appointment area and help with check-in. Ambassadors generally do not attend the actual appointment, but are available to do so if the patient or senior clinician requests so ahead of time.

Contact: Sam Paci with any questions or a request for a Patient Ambassador.