Referral to Podiatry Resident Clinic requires charity care. Referral to EHHOPodiatry is free of charge to patients. EHHOPodiatry will be help during regular EHHOP clinic hours every 2-3 months. The first EHHOPodiatry clinic will be held on 6/24/17.

Please email Podiatry Chief Isaiah Levy ( with all podiatry related concerns. He will help triage EHHOP patients to either EHHOP Podiatry clinic or the Podiatry Resident Clinic.

Senior Clinician

Teaching Senior

Access to Care Team

For further support, contact the Ambulatory Referrals Manager: Greeshma Rajeev-Kumar.


Appointment costs by charity care level are as follows:

  • CCL1/EMC - $10
  • CCL2 - $18
  • CCL3 - $36
  • CCL4 - $90
  • CCL5 - $108
  • CCL6 - $135
  • CCL7 - $180

  • EHHOP Podiatry Clinic is an in-house ancillary clinic and will be free of charge to the patient.

Wait time

How long it takes patients to complete their appointment will depend on how soon the patients can obtain charity care. It takes about 8 weeks after a patient has received charity care for a podiatry appointment to be scheduled in resident clinic.

EHHOPodiatry clinic will be held approximately every 2-3 months.

Contact Information

IMA Podiatry, 4th Floor, 17 East 102nd St. (212) 659-8554

Hours: Friday Mornings and Afternoons.

Patient Financial Services: First floor, 17 East 102nd St (CAM building). (212) 824-7280

Ambulatory Referrals Manager: Marc Casale
EHHOP Podiatry Chief: Isaiah Levy