Ultrasound (except Breast, Carotid)


This referral does not require charity care.

Visit instructions for Breast Ultrasounds and Carotid Ultrasounds on their respective pages.

Senior Clinician

Teaching Senior

Someone from ACT will schedule the ultrasound for the patient and follow up with the patient and his/her care team.

Access to Care Team

For Transvaginal Ultrasounds:

Pelvic ultrasounds do not require fasting. Patient arrive early to drink water.

For all other Ultrasounds:

Important note: Abdominal ultrasounds require the patient to fast starting at midnight the night before.

Please note that transvaginal ultrasounds are done through Radiology Associates (MC Level of Klingenstein/Annenberg). All other ultrasounds are done through IMA Radiology (6th floor of CAM Building).


Cost to EHHOP Patient: All ultrasounds are free.

Wait time

~2 weeks.


Transvaginal ultrasounds: Radiology Associates, MC Level, Annenberg Building (basement) (212) 241-8333

All other ultrasounds: IMA Radiology, 6th floor CAM building, 17 East 102nd St. (212) 824-7700

Appointment hours: Very flexible through the week. Weekdays only.

EHHOP Ultrasound Rep: Alex Miner