This referral requires charity care.

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Access to Care Team

For further support, contact the Emerging Referrals Manager.


The cost of an appointment for patients with charity care level 1 is $15. Appointments will be more expensive for patients with a higher charity care level. For these prices, contact the Emerging Referrals Manager.

Appointment costs by charity care level are as follows:

  • CCL1 - $10
  • CCL2 - $18
  • CCL3 - $36
  • CCL4 - $90
  • CCL5 - $108
  • CCL6 - $135
  • CCL7 - $180

Wait time

It takes about 10 weeks after a patient has received charity care for a urology appointment to be scheduled. Urgent referrals can be expedited. Contact the Emerging Referrals Manager if the referral is urgent and needs to be expedited.

Contact information

Suite 6C, IMA Urology, CAM building, 17 E 102nd St. (212) 659-8554

Hours: Wednesday mornings

EHHOP Urology Rep: Dan Leisman