Visiting Nurse Services


Please note that we are currently referring to Mount Sinai PT.

Senior Clinician

Note: For follow-up appointments, if the patient has not seen PT in over a month, a new referral is necessary.

  • VNS referrals are only available for patients who have significant difficulty leaving the home or going up and down stairs.
  • All VNS referrals must be approved by Chief TS and/or Dr. Meah.
  • You do not need to place an order in Epic during clinic day.
  • Before clinic ends, communicate the necessity and urgency of the referral to the TS.
  • Inform ACT about the referral and send the patient to ACT.

Teaching Senior

  • Include all VNS referrals in the referrals email and send a separate email to Chief TS and Dr. Meah to confirm patient eligibility.
  • Referral does not need to be ordered in Epic during clinic day. Should only be ordered after eligibility is confirmed.

Access to Care Team

In-house charity care --> No need to see FS or REAP

  • Compile following information with patient and clinical team.
  • Take down names of Attending & Senior Clinician as well as phone numbers
  • Wait for confirmation of patient eligibility for VNS services from Chief TS or Dr. Meah.
  • Fax Notes to (212) 290-3939 only AFTER receiving confirmation from TS/Meah:
    • Top Sheet: EHHOP Patient Name + recorded Care Team Info
    • Other outstanding referrals
    • Service required (PT, OT, Skilled Nursing Care, Medication Management)
    • Medication list
    • Insurance Status: Uninsured, Medicaid, In-Transition
  • To follow up with VNS regarding Patient's Referral status (or confirm fax receipt) call 212-609-7500 and ask for Wendy Lugo. Mention you are a Case Manager for an EHHOP Patient.


  • Include the following language in the VNS referral:
    • difficulty leaving home without person due to severe debility or blindness
    • difficulty getting up and down stairs or leaving home due to debility, paralysis, degenerative joint disease or severe pain

For questions, please contact the Accessory Referrals Manager: Aishwarya Raja