For symptomatic EGDs, we usually try to get the patient seen at Carnegie Hill Endoscopy first (see Asymptomatic Colonoscopy protocol).

Senior Clinician

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Access to Care Team


If unable to obtain via Carnegie Hill Endoscopy, symptomatic EGDs require charity care. Once your patient submits documents confirming their income, Financial Services will grant your patient Charity Care and place them on sliding scale financial assistance. Most EHHOP patients are placed on Level 1. The costs for symptomatic EGDs are currently being negotiated. For more information, please contact the [Accessory Referrals Manager] [ssu].

Wait Time

For Symptomatic EGDS, there is currently a wait period. Please contact the Accessory Referrals Manager for more information.

Contact Information

Carnegie Hill Endoscopy (contact ACT for more info).

Procedures will be performed at 1184 5th Avenue on the 7th Floor (between 99th and 100th)

Patient Financial Services: First floor, 17 East 102nd St (CAM building). Tel: (212)-824-7280

For questions, contact the Accessory Referrals Manager: Aishwarya Raja