El Grupo


El Grupo was last held in 2017. Please direct any new referrals for psychiatric care to the EHHOP Mental Health Clinic directly.

The following is preserved only for historical reference purposes.

El Grupo is a guided peer support group organized by the EHHOP Mental Health Clinic. Patients may benefit from El Grupo if they are having problems coping with aspects of their life. Participants seek out El Grupo for help with a range of psychosocial stressors whether or not they are diagnosed with psychiatric disorders or in need of individual counseling. They may choose to attend all the sessions or just those addressing topics most relevant to them.

Patients do not need to be seen individually in MH to attend El Grupo, but should undergo appropriate screening in main clinic. They may be referred just to El Grupo or for both El Grupo and an individual evaluation. El Grupo runs on seven Saturdays each semester from 12:30-2:00 PM in the second floor conference room in the CAM Building (17 E. 102nd Street). The dates and topics for spring 2017 are listed below and in this Spanish-language flier.pdf

January 21 | Mindfulness Exercises: Taking Control of Our Mind

February 4 | The Goals of Interpersonal Effectiveness: Getting What We Want

February 25 | Emotion Regulation: Ways of Describing Emotions

March 11 | Emotion Regulation: Reducing Vulnerability to Negative Emotions

March 18 | Emotion Regulation: Steps to Increasing Positive Emotions

April 8 | Emotion Regulation: Changing Our Emotions by Acting Opposite to How We Feel

April 29 | Tolerating Suffering: Radical Acceptance

May 6 | Tolerating Suffering: Improving the Present Moment

Senior Clinician

Administer the PHQ-9 for depression and/or GAD-7 for anxiety as appropriate and document in student note

Screen the patient for:

If patient is interested in an El Grupo session meeting immediately after a Main Clinic appointment, speak in clinic with a MHC TS or supervising physician. If patient is interested in an El Grupo session at any other time, inform head TS.

Teaching Senior

MHC referrals email Template: (...) y/o (male/female) with a PMH of (....) and a PPH of (....), presenting with (...most prominent/concerning symptoms, if SI/HI specify if passive/active...) in the context of (...chronic psychosocial issues, recent events, contributory medical problems...), concerning for (...possible diagnoses, worsening of existing diagnoses, etc...). PHQ9 (or GAD7) score of (...) and approximate GAF (...) (briefly justify rationale for GAF). Mental health referral for (...evaluation, medications, counseling, etc...). Patient screen showed SI(+/-), psychosis (+/-),EtOH/drug abuse with risk of attending clinic under influence(+/-). Priority: (Urgent = next clinic day; High = within 1 month; Medium = within 2 months; Low = within 3 months).

Access to Care Team

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Wait Time


Contact Information

El Grupo coordinator: Sam Powell and Reuben Hendler