Head TS Post Clinic Responsibilities


1) UPDATE the TS Referrals Spreadsheet with all new referrals by Sunday night:

2) Email Pharmacy Chair Joe-Ann Moser with all PDAP Rx by Sunday night:


Current best contact number for patient
Patient citizenship status (do they have legal status or not? Reassure this information will be kept confidential and will only be used to confirm application for medications)
Medication needed & reason
Urgency (i.e. uncontrolled asthmatic vs. chronic/stable condition)

4) Email Chief TS with potential chronic care patients, City Health Works patients, or any problems during the day

5) Follow up on labs:

6) Complete the TS sign out (Plan of Care note): NOTE IS DUE BY SUNDAY NIGHT. You can add addendum as needed for addl labs. If the Senior Clinician has NOT yet written his/her note, please e-mail them a reminder Sunday afternoon! There are two ways to do this, depending on whether or not the Attending has closed the chart (this is also explained in the sign-out protocol)

If the Attending has closed the chart

If the Attending has NOT closed the chart * Go back to Schedule and open the patient’s still open chart * This takes you back to Visit Navigator, click on EHHOP TS Sign-out to find your preliminary sign-out * Update the sign-out with results and other notes * Click on Follow-up and under “Send Chart Upon Closing Section,” add the clinician team and Chief TS so that you can route the chart to them * The attending will not be able to close the chart if you do not close your “Plan of Care” note! To close it, when you access your note from the visit navigator, use the drop-down box to change from “sign on close encounter” –> “sign on accept” or “sign on close.”

A special note on Routing your TS Note

*In addition to co-signing to the Attending of the day, YOU SHOULD ROUTE YOUR NOTES TO the Chief TS AND THE CLINICIAN TEAM/CC Senior. If it is a complicated case, where you will need Dr. Meah’s input, route it to Dr. Meah as well!

For complicated patients or questions with management that are not settled by Sunday night

7) Email Teams

8) FIXING THINGS! A special note on your responsibilities as Head TS. You are responsible for the medical care of the patients who are at Clinic for the week that you are scheduled. It is your responsibility to follow up with things that were done incorrectly that pertain to the clinical care. This includes fixing referrals, ordering labs, and coordinating with CMs to make followup appointments based on results. You may also have to contact patients to discuss their labs with them. YOU HAVE THE OPTION TO USE THE CLINICAL TEAM FOR THIS, but at the end of the day it is your responsibility!

9) HELP RESCHEDULE CANCELLED/NO-SHOW PATIENTS! Go back to the Call Sheet for the week and write in your recommendations for the CMs as to when to reschedule no-shows from your clinic day. This is found under the "Rescheduled/No Shows" tab at the bottom. You can be general with this (i.e. needs to be seen next week, or can wait 2-3 months, etc.) or else put in specific dates for the CMs. Review the sign-in for the patient(s) and triage them based on their acuity. Because the CMs will be calling on Monday to reschedule these patients, this should be done by Sunday night

10) Sign Out follow-ups to next TS by Wednesday:

Finding Disappearing Lab Results: If you are unable to see lab results in your Epic In Basket under the Results tab it is likely that the result was already "Done"d by someone else in the pool. You still need to review and write result notes on these results. To find the missing results: