Ordering a Blood Pressure (BP) Cuff for a Patient


Part A: If there is a supply of BP cuffs in clinic (try this first)

1. Add your patient's information to pick-up any EHHOP supply on this spreadsheet (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11uwF0yM0I2bhKby8e9Rv_xcApKJB5824-loJjhf_Ie8/edit#gid=0)

Part B: If there is no longer a supply of BP cuffs in clinic

1. Confirm patient’s address

2. Order on Amazon: this BP cuff

3. Please send directly to patient

4. Contact Brittany Glassberg (Chief TS) that you sent a BP cuff to your patient

5. Please complete this PAF purchase form for the patient and there are two options for ordering:

6. When you see order is delivered: