Pharmacy Instructions & Formulary


Pharmacy Instructions & Formulary

This is the home page for all things pharmacy in EHHOP. This includes information on routine prescribing, EHHOP's formulary, as well as information about supplies and storage in clinic.

Quick Links

Below are a few quick links that are helpful while managing patients in and between clinic.

Medication Management on Epic

DOH enrollment instructions

Dispensary of Hope (DOH) information

Prescribing Urgent and In-Clinic Medications

Refill Instructions for Patients

Storage, Locker Codes, and Diabetes Supplies

PDAP Medications

PPI Prescribing Guide


Using the Formulary

The formulary can be used to search for medications that are 'on-formulary', which means they are offered by the Mount Sinai pharmacy.

If a medication is marked 'Do Not Prescribe - Apply for PDAP', that means it is a specialty medication that we obtain for free through the use of PDAP (Patient Drug Assistance Programs) from pharmaceutical companies. To request a PDAP medication, please follow the instructions on this form.

If a medication is not on formulary and can't be obtained through PDAP, please see if there is a similar medication on formulary that can be prescribed.

If a medication is not on formulary, can't be obtained by PDAP, and can't be replaced, we can sometimes try to obtain it through purchasing with cash at a local pharmacy; however, please always check-in with the pharmacy team prior to pursuing this option.

If a medication is marked 'Available In-Clinic - See TS', it can be prescribed in clinic for urgent, single treatments.

If a medication is marked 'Available via DOH - Primary', this should be the preferred medication since it is free of charge. Please make sure the patient has completed a DOH form within the last 12 months (see Master List). If this is their first time receiving medications via DOH, tell the patient not to go to the pharmacy until Tuesday.

Please make sure patients do not pick up medications on Mondays before 12:00 p.m. so the pharmacy can be sure the medications are ready.

If you have any questions/difficulties please contact the pharmacy chair, Megan Paul.