Colorectal Cancer Research Study || Actively Seeking Participants Reward $25 target


Colorectal Screening Study Participation

Added Fall 2022 contact joy.jiang@icahn.mssm.edu for more info and delete info when project completed

Project goal: Pilot test a web app (called Motivate) designed to improve screening colonoscopy uptake among Latinx patients

Study eligibility:

1. Identifies as Latino/a/x
2. Has a referral for a screening colonoscopy

The role of Student Clinician: (1) ask eligible patients (>45 yo) if they would like to receive a referral for colonoscopy OR see whether their patient has been referred in the past and (2) if the patients say yes OR the patient has received a referral in the past, ask if the patient would like to participate in a study. For example, the care team member could say "You may be eligible to participate in a research study. Would you like to learn more? If so, can I share your contact information with the research team?" If the patient expresses interest in learning more about the study, the member of the care team could email research coordinators (Leah.Savage@mssm.edu OR Francesca.Minardi@mssm.edu) the patient's name and phone number.

If your patient wants to know more you can share: A team of researchers at Mount Sinai designed an app that gives patients more information about colonoscopies. They are conducting a study to see if the app helps encourage patients to get screened. If you decide to participate in the study, you will either be asked to view the app or to view a general health video. To participate in the study, you will need access to the internet. All participants are compensated with a 25 dollar gift card to Target.

Members of EHHOP can be involved in the downstream research process if they would like, and if results demonstrate that the web app is beneficial in increasing colonoscopy among patients, then all patients can have access to these resources.