Common Glitches


There really is no formula for dealing with these, because almost anything and everything can and will come up. This is a list of common errors that you may have to troubleshoot, but for anything else that arises that you don’t intuitively know how to resolve, the best solution is just to contact EPIC using the instructions in the weekly pre-clinic email

1) Labels for signed lab orders won’t print in labs room?

Have the attending put in the order and sign it him/herself. If it’s still not printing, have the labs team keep track of blood tube/specimen identities carefully

2) Prescriptions aren't printing out?

Make sure that it isn't automatically e-prescribing the medication.

3) Attending or clinician isn’t able to see a particular patient’s chart?

Make sure you’ve assigned the right provider to the right patient (see above); if that doesn’t work, make sure that person is signed into EPIC under the EHHOP department

4) An appointment is locked on Cerner?

  1. Click the button with the lock and magnifying glass. Locked Appointments
  2. Click show all locks
  3. Click the locked appt
  4. Delete the lock

You can only delete your own locks. To see who holds the lock try to cancel the appointment and look for the CM name. They can remove the lock using the same button if possible, but if not you’ll have to call Cerner support.

If you have to call Cerner to fix it, just create a new appointment in the meantime so as not to delay things

5) Appointment linked to previous hospital visit?

  1. Open Cerner Scheduling Appointment Book
  2. Click View
  3. Select Options
  4. Click the Check In tab
  5. Make sure that "Always create new encounter when required" box is checked

6) Unable to "confirm" an appointment?

  1. Check if the patient has a previously scheduled appointment that overlaps with the appointment you are requested (ie Social Work or an ancillary appointment)