Epic/Cerner Troubleshooting


Epic Support won’t get back to you promptly if you don’t follow these instructions:

Once you reach 4-HELP, you MUST tell them that you would like them to page the Epic support team now (vs. putting in an issue for later fixing). The 4-HELP people ask for some basic info, and then put in the page. This will get you a bona fide Epic support person on the phone.

The Epic people will want to know:

For which user is the problem happening, with which patient, and exactly what is happening. Taking care of the problems live (when they are happening) is the best way to do it, because once the “problem” moment is passed, they can’t necessarily reproduce it to find out what went wrong.

If there is an EPIC issue that is holding up clinic flow, email; include the patient’s name and MRN, your location (CAM 7), a contact phone number, and a brief description of the issue in your email. They should call you back very soon. Only email this address if there are issues that are stopping clinic flow; for all other minor issues, continue to call 4HELP.