Using the Page Editor


The page editor looks like the following screenshot. Scroll down for a description of each component numbered in red.

EHHapp editor screenshot

  1. Change the title of the page, which will show up in the top black bar.

  2. Enter Markdown that specifies the content for the page. Markdown is the format used by reddit and other sites for comments. However, depending on the template chosen (see #4) the features available may vary. You are able to refer to the inline guide in #8 to find out formatting techniques for the current template and for Markdown in general.

  3. This is a tool for uploading and inserting inline images.

  4. Choose a template for the page. This page, for example, is unstyled, but you may want a template that creates fancier things like collapsible headers, search bars and checklists. Check other pages around the EHHapp to see how different templates are used to give pages customized looks.

  5. You can set the action taken when the button in the top left (which typically takes the user "backwards" in a mobile app) is tapped or clicked. By default, this is a logout button; if you set a destination, it will instead appear like this:

    Back button

    and it will send the user to the page you selected.

  6. If you are an editor for the EHHapp, you can set who will be responsible for supervising changes to this page. If you are a normal user, this will show the user that will need to approve your changes.

  7. Click this button to save your work. If changes need to be approved, the editor responsible will be notified by email.

  8. Down here are several guides for the Markdown formatting techniques that can be used. The first section contains techniques specific to the template chosen in #4. The second section contains techniques that work across all pages and templates.