New Patient Appt


NOTE: WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING NEW EHHOP PATIENTS, AND ARE REFERRING TO BORIKEN OR OTHER CLINICS! Please add the name of the new patient to this spreadsheet, fill out the columns, and email the SW for the week to make contact with the patient.

  1. After verifying that the patient meets all 3 EHHOP Criteria, schedule the patient for the earliest Social Work "New" appointment available in Cerner. All patients must see Social Work before being seen for a new patient medical appointment.

  2. Schedule the patient for a new patient medical appointment at 9am on the next available date following their social work appointment. Maximum new patient appointments per day is 3.

  3. Make sure to collect all the pertinent info to make the appointment – full name (ask them to spell it for you), date of birth, address, phone number, if they need an interpreter, and double check their insurance status (they should NOT have insurance – under “Ins1” in Cerner, they should be listed as “Self Pay”)

  4. DO NOT ASSUME THAT THEY DON’T HAVE A PATIENT RECORD IN CERNER JUST BECAUSE THEY ARE NEW TO EHHOP. Search Cerner and "External MPI" for their name before creating a new MRN.

  5. If you schedule a patient for an appointment, PUT THE APPOINTMENT IN CERNER IMMEDIATELY! Neglecting to do so causes major disruptions in clinic flow. If you can’t put the appointment in Cerner right away, then don’t make the appointment! Wait until you have Cerner open before you confirm with the patient.

  6. If an appointment becomes available on a date prior to a patient’s first scheduled appointment, call them up the week before clinic and ask them if they would like to reschedule their appt so they can be seen earlier.

  7. If a patient complains that the appointment is not soon enough, offer them La Casita de la Salud’s phone number, and ask them to inform you if they make an appt there and do not plan on coming to their scheduled EHHOP appt.

Updated 8/2023