1. If symptomatic, CMs will consult the TS as usual to assess severity

  2. Urgent cases will be given appointments as usual (with rescheduling of other patients)

  3. If the patient's symptoms are considered not sufficiently severe to be given an appointment, but the patient would like to be seen sooner than next available appointment, THEN:

  4. Offer them the option of coming in as a walk-in for a 9am appointment. CMs will inform the patient that:

    • As a walk-in, they are NOT assured that they will be seen.

    • However, if we have no shows, we will see them.

    • No-show to be defined as not showing up for an appointment by 9:45. If a patient shows up after 9:45, we already have a policy of turning them away because they arrived too late to be seen. However, if a late patient ends up coming in and we have space and it will not be disruptive, CMs/TSs decide at their discretion if they want to see that patient.

  5. If all patients have shown up at clinic by 9:45, CMs will inform the walk-in that they cannot be seen at 9am.

  6. If more than 1 walk-in comes into clinic, see patients in order of severity, then by time of arrival.

NOTE: This option should NOT be offered to new patients, only current EHHOP patients (new patients take too long)

NOTE: This option should only be offered for 9am, as it is too difficult to predict when 11am patients will actually be seen.