How to create a student note

  1. Sign-in to Epic under the EHHOP [5111103] Department.
  2. Verify that you are logged in under the EHHOP context by checking the top bar of the Epic window, it should read: Hyperspace - Mount Sinai - Production - EHHOP - $YOURNAME
  3. Find the big Epic button in the upper right-hand corner
  4. Scan your eyes across the top to find the button for Student Note
  5. Look up the patient by MRN
  6. Provider = $YOURNAME, Department = $EHHOP
  7. When finished documenting, cosigner should be your attending physician preceptor. In a pinch, cosigner should be Dr. Yasmin Meah or Dr. David Thomas.

If you close your student note and want to get back into it and continue editing, DO NOT click Student Note again as this will create a duplicate encounter. Instead, go to Patient Station, look up your patient, and double-click into the student note from there.

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