ACT/Referrals Problem List


All referral updates are posted in real time on the ACT/Referrals problem list. On the problem list, you can see which referrals your patient has completed, which referrals he/she still needs, and when their specialty referral appointments are scheduled (note: this is also available in Chart Review by viewing future encounters). For those referrals that need them, you can also see how far along your patient is in their charity care application.

To access the ACT/Referrals problem list:

  1. Go to the patient's chart in Epic
  2. Click Problem List on the left sidebar
  3. Click the arrow next to ACT/Referrals

Sometimes you will be able to obtain more information about a patient's referrals by reading through the original order that a clinician made for the referral.

To access a referral order: