Accidental Blood Exposure & Fingersticks



Please remember that the labs room is in many ways the most dangerous space in clinic. As the TS, you are responsible for protecting students and patients and modeling responsible behavior.

ALL students who are working in the Labs room should wear GLOVES at ALL TIMES whenever there is any conceivable chance of encountering blood or body fluids.

If anyone is exposed to potentially infectious blood or bodily fluids:

  1. IMMEDIATELY irrigate the area
  2. INFORM the Attendings in clinic AND you MUST CALL DR. THOMAS AND DR. MEAH
  3. ESCORT THE PATIENT, STUDENT, ETC TO FURTHER CARE: Go to the Emergency Department, Guggenheim Pavilion, B1 Level.
    • You can have an attending call ahead to x43611 to let them know that a needle stick patient is coming.
    • Regardless of whether somebody calls ahead, the triage nurse at the front of the ED will respond immediately if you identify the patient/student as having a needle stick injury, and can activate the necessary protocols.

A word on needle sticks: Keep in mind that when you handle a sharp you are the most dangerous person at the clinic. Be in control of your lab room, close the door, ask extraneous people to leave the room, don’t be rushed, and KNOW WHERE THE SHARPS CONTAINER IS. Don’t do anything that you’re not comfortable with.