Part 2: Drawing Labs and Entering Results



1) Review In Basket Orders folder --> "Order Tasks" tab on left-hand side of screen for messages of laboratory orders that have already been signed by the attending.

2) Collect lab labels for tubes from the SCC label printer. NOTE: any IMA Firm D labs orders (EHHOP Mental Health Clinic) made on the same day will have labels printed over at the IMA Firm D nurse's station on the MHC side of clinic. * IF LABEL PRINTER ISN'T WORKING, troubleshoot first (unplug, open and close the top, make sure there's not a jam). If that doesn't work, email (IT help on the weekends)

3) Draws labs in correct tube noted on labels or use the tube color guide here: Tube colors; if in doubt about which tube to use, call 4-LABS.

4) Label tubes with appropriate labels. Place labels as high up on the tube as possible so as to not obscure the bottom fluid level.

5) Document completed blood draws:

You may done the order AFTER you have 1) collected and 2) documented/added additional info

6) Store specimen until end of day and then deliver all blood tubes to the Icahn Building (corner of 98th and Madison), 8th Floor. Make a left out of the elevator and then turn right. Go to the window on the left at the end of the hall that says “Drop off specimens here.”


Examples = glucose fingersticks, U dip, pregnancy test, HIV testing

All POCT need orders!! Clinician teams MUST verbally inform the TS of ALL POCT ORDERS.

1) Review In Basket Orders folder on left-hand side of screen for messages of laboratory orders that have already been signed by the attending.

2) Make sure the lab has been ordered as a Point of Care Test (has to say POCT next to the ordered lab); if it doesn’t, tell the clinician team or the attending to re-order the lab as a POCT and cancel the original lab order.

3) Perform the test (pregnancy test, urine dipstick, etc.)

4) Click the POCT lab in the In Basket

5) Click on the Edit Rslt button located on top bar in the In Basket

6) Double click on the order to open it.

7) Enter the value/result and today’s date and time.

NOTE: If you forget to document before clicking “DONE” on the order, you need to search for the DONE order. Go to In Basket –> Orders –> Click Search –> Under Statuses, uncheck everything except for Done –> Click Search. (Before clicking Search, You may also search for specific patients if you do not want to pull up all the recent Done orders from Saturday — just click on the magnifying glass to do so)

This should take you do the Ad Hoc search results. The Done results are all greyed out but you can still edit the result. Click on the patient and the test you want, and click Edit Result.



Sterile cups/dipsticks are found in the cabinet above the sink. Use a single-wrapped, sterile, vacuum transfer to move the urine from the cup to the yellow-topped tube. MAKE SURE TO LABEL THE URINE SPECIMEN CONTAINER BEFORE GIVING TO PATIENT!!!

1) It is best to do the Udip under sterile conditions until it is determined that a UA is not needed. You can transfer the sample to a yellow-topped tube to perform the dip, as listed above. SAVE THE URINE SAMPLE UNTIL THE TEST AND RESULT ANALYSIS IS COMPLETE!

2) UDips should be developed and interpreted MANUALLY. You can find a bottle of UDip test strips in the other Nurse's/phlebotomy room on the opposite end of clinic (where the Mental Health clinic rooms usually are). The bottle should be in one of the cupboards. Follow the instructions on the bottle to interpret the Udip results.

3) Please share any abnormal results IMMEDIATELY with the team and Attending. Make sure to document the results in Epic, too.

4) Consider adding on a UA for any abnormal results (you can use the same urine sample)

5) Enter the test information as shown above (Enter/Edit Results)

POCT GLUCOSE: We CAN do point of care glucose testing!!! Please use the GLUCOMETER and TEST STRIPS located in the EHHOP red bin by the desks where the CMs sit. The blue test strips used by the IMA machines (with the fancy touchscreen, etc.) do not work in our glucometer.

FOBT Stool Cards For Patients:

1) Must have THREE (3) cards.

2) Stool must come from THREE (3) different days.

3) Write your name and date on the cards BEFORE collection.

4) Collect Stool (options, pick one):

5) Applying Stool (do the following in order):

6) Close card, place in envelope or plastic bag.

For TS:

  1. Developer is in top drawer of labs room

  2. Take cards and follow instructions on the card - make sure to open the flap on the BACK of the card where the controls (+,-) can be found.

  3. Develop stool sample AND controls (+,-).

RAPID STREP KITS: Located in the Nurses Station of Area D and the back supply closet.

URINE PREGNANCY TESTS: Located in accessory gray drawers in Labs room. Follow the enclosed instructions.! If they are not there talk to Head TS and you can buy a preg test from Duane Reade. Should be about 10 days post conception for a pharmacy drug test to work. hCG blood tests will likely be sensitive 6-8 days after ovulation.

VAX/Vaccine - instructions here AND on vaccine/vax + injection specific instructions page

  1. Before you begin remember to A. keep close track of how many flu vax you give and B. record the Lot #, NDC, Manufacturer, Expiration date, site given (take pictures of VIALS (lot # is NOT on the box) as you go will save you some grief)
  2. Go to snapshot --> immunizations - All types --> then click administer under "Incomplete administrations"

3. Insert info from VIAL/BOX/INJ SITE