Part 4: Pap Smears, GC and Chlamydia



1) Visualization of the Cervix:

2) Collecting the Specimen:

Collect the cells:

Transfer the cells to ThinPrep vial:

Assembling specimen w/ documentation:

Transport specimen in bag with requisition order:

Contact GYN Chief TS Ali Mills ( to inform her there are samples. If WHC is operating, bring samples to E-level GYN clinic TS. If GYN is not operating, contact Ali Mills to arrange drop off to her.


GONORRHEA/CHLAMYDIA Testing (Endocervical Swab)

Use pink tube. May be found in GYN cart or labs room.

1) Insert swab into endocervical canal until bristles just disappear.

2) Rotate slowly for 20-30 seconds.

3) Remove swab and place into collection tube. Break off excess swab leaving brush in collection tube and replace lid.


We can now use APTIMA tubes for this. The test comes with a tube and +/- a dropper. If there is no dropper, you can find them in the Labs room. There is a right and a wrong aptima tube to get-- the wrong one is packaged for endocervical/urethral swabbing and the packaging is colorless. The Correct one is labelled as a urine specimen kit, comes in yellow packaging, and has 2 lines to mark the appropriate urine fill level. Ask in firms A/B or look in firm D if you can't find this. Link to image of kit:

1) Have the pt void into a sterile urine cup.

2) Firmly tap the bottom of the tube on a flat surface to dislodge any large drops from inside the cap.

3) Transfer the urine into the Aptima tube with the provided dropper, being careful not to touch the walls of the sterile cup.

4) Fill the tube until the urine level is within the label window (see laminated sheets on wall of lab room for pictures of what this looks like).

5) Add the label once it prints out. Drop off with rest of blood samples to 8th Floor Labs in East Building.


The litmus test should be used in diagnosing BV and is available in clinic in room 213. Please make sure to return the litmus paper.