Medical Emergencies


If you receive a voicemail from a patient describing a medical emergency:

  1. Check if the patient has a Chronic Care Senior (this can be seen in the Master Patient List).
  2. Email the Chief CM, Chief TS, and head TS of the week, and Dr. Meah; include the Chronic Care senior if the patient has one. Ask them to please reply all if they are able to call the patient back. Let them know that you will email the TS Pool if you don't hear back within approximately 10 minutes.
    • Include: the patient's name, MRN (if you have it) DOB, phone number, language spoken and anything you know about the chief complaint.
  3. Text Dr. Meah to check her email for an urgent EHHOP issue (phone number under "contacts.")
  4. Try texting/calling the Chief TS and TS of the week (phone numbers on AMION).
  5. If you do not hear back from your first email, texts, or calls, email the TS pool (from AMION), with the subject "Urgent EHHOP Call for TSs" asking the first person that is able to call the patient to reply-all saying they can take care of it. Remember to CC the Chief CM, Chief TS, Dr. Meah and the Chronic Care Senior (if applicable) on this email.


  1. CMs should NEVER give patients medical advice over the phone.
  2. If you are unsure of what to do in a particular scenario, call the Chief CM who will take the appropriate action.
  3. If the patient only leaves his or her name and phone number in a voicemail and you call back and believe it is a medical emergency, tell them you are a clinic manager and will have the appropriate person call them back ASAP. Then hang up and follow the protocol above.
  4. Maintain a LOW threshold for texting or calling the Chief TS and TS of the week if you are in doubt.

Updated 8/2023