CM Phone Protocol


Begin calling your patients on Wednesday (or earlier) to remind them of their appointment. Be firm about reminding them that they MUST show up at their correct appointment time.

  1. Dial through the EHHOP number (877)372-4161. When you begin to hear the voicemail message, press * and then enter 12345678 when asked for the passcode. Select option 1 (to call the patient through the EHHOP number) or 2 (to call Pacific Interpreters)
  2. Tell patients to expect to be in clinic for 3 hours.
  3. E-mail the Student Recruitment Chair (Zoe Luscher) by 3pm on Friday afternoon with the final patient load.

Pacific Interpreters: FPA vs. Main Hospital? – choose Main Hospital, Department: IMA, #684, You will also be asked to provide your name, life number, and the patient's MRN.

If you ever want to call Pacific Interpreters directly: Pacific Interpreters (1-800-264-1552; Code – 828099)