CM Phone Protocol


Begin calling patients on Wednesday (or earlier) to remind them of their appointment. Be firm about reminding them that they MUST show up at their correct appointment time.

  1. Dial through the EHHOP number (877) 372-4161. When you begin to hear the automated voice, enter *12345678. You'll then have two options:

Option 1: Call patient using the EHHOP number.

  1. After selecting this option, enter the patient's phone number.

Option 2: Pacific Interpreters

  1. Have the following information available: your name, Life Number, patient's MRN, and patient's phone number.

  2. The interpreter will ask you if you're calling from FPA vs. Main Hospital - say that you're calling from the Main Hospital.

  3. The interpreter will ask where the patient is - say that the patient is at home (unless the patient is with you in person).

If you ever want to call Pacific Interpreters directly: Pacific Interpreters (1-800-264-1552; Code – 828099)