Expense Log and Reimbursements


PAF Instructions

To request for the Patient Assistance Fund (PAF) to cover any purchases, please fill out this form. If you are requesting a direct purchase from PAF, then you do not need to do anything else. If you are requesting reimbursement for an item you've purchased please follow the below instructions.

Any and all purchases made for EHHOP must be tracked. When making purchases, please remember to use the Mount Sinai Tax-Exempt Form as tax is generally not reimbursable. Regardless of whether you are seeking a reimbursement, you must fill out the EHHOP Financial Tracker. This enables us to more accurately track EHHOP's spending.

If you do not need a reimbursement, this is all you need to do.

Importantly, any and all travel must be pre-approved at least four weeks in advance so please make sure to email as soon as you think you might travel.

If You Need a Reimbursement:

You must complete the following steps as soon as possible (ideally within four weeks of the purchase):

  1. Find out from which EHHOP grant or pool of funds you are seeking reimbursement. Generally, reimbursement requests for food should be drawn from our Student Council funds. If you are unsure which to select, please reach out to the Finance Chair or Finance Coordinator (contact information available in EHHOP Roster).

  2. Complete the EHHOP Financial Tracker. Please make sure to use your Icahn email address.

  3. Fill out the EHHOP Reimbursement Form, which will require a receipt and credit card statement, if needed.

  • The receipt must be itemized with vendor, amount, item description, date -- make sure to retain your original receipts.

  • Credit card statements are required for charges totaling over $200 (even if you are being reimbursed for less). The statement needs your (A) Name, (B) Last 4 digits of your card, © Charge with date.

Expected timeline: After your reimbursement is processed by EHHOP (which will occur within one week, if not sooner), it will be passed along to Medical Education, which will take 2-3 weeks to process the reimbursement. You will receive confirmation when your form has been submitted and after it’s been approved. If your reimbursement is <$200 you will pick up petty cash from the cashier on the Annenberg MC level (you will need original receipts for this). If it is >$200, you will receive a check from MedEd directly or direct deposit if you are on a stipend. Reimbursements over $200 will likely take three to four weeks, as there is additional processing required through Mount Sinai's business departments.

Please remember to save your original receipts until the day you have your money or you are at risk of not being reimbursed!

This protocol is for logging all EHHOP expenses/processing reimbursements for all money spent on behalf of EHHOP. All reimbursements are processed by both EHHOP Finance and the Department of Medical Education.