Release Future Order for Walk-ins


Pend and Release Future Order for Walk-ins

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You may either have a walk-in -OR- someone with already signed future pended orders. Follow the instructions below depending on which one.

Managing Future Pended Orders

To assess the order:

1) Open Patient’s Chart

2) Click on Order Entry on the task bar on the left side of the screen a. Press cancel if the following box appears on the screen Please send patient to visiting nurse service and contact the teaching senior.

3) Click on This Patient has Open Orders

image 4) Highlight the Corresponding Lab

5) Press Release, and the orders should subsequently print.

image (1)


What if the patient comes in for labs that were NOT ordered on the previous clinic day?

You can create a visit to pend orders. Have the CMs create a Labs Only visit for the patient, if it does not yet exist. You can then pend orders in this visit and have the attendings sign them, upon which labels will print. Sometimes Cerner does not update quickly to Epic. If you are in a rush try either A. Some attendings know how to make a visit from their side (it said something like meds refill or place orders as future pended?),
B. make a telephone visit and PEND LABS AS FUTURE, route to attending to sign. We sometimes have issues with signing the orders with the telephone visits. Follow instructions above for releasing the future pended orders.
If the attendings are not available, draw the labs (verify correct tube color first) and affix a temporary label (with a blank label – hit top button on labs label printer to produce blank label). Then, affix a true label later when an attending can sign the orders.