Clinic Day


For more details, review the full training presentation here.

Didactic (8:00)

The clinic TS will give a brief presentation in the back break room (enter the clinic and go all the way back and to the right).

Prepare for Patient 1 (8:30)

  • Open the clinic flow sheet (shared Google spreadsheet)
  • Open Epic → Schedule

See Patient 1 (9:00)

  • Reason for Visit
  • Vitals
  • Problem List (if any updates; if not, just mark as reviewed)
  • History (if any updates; if not, just mark as reviewed)
  • EHHOP History (if a new patient)
  • Allergies (if any updates; if not, just mark as reviewed)
  • Medications (if any updates and if taking, not taking, or taking differently)
  • This can be done in the Dx and Orders section of the visit navigator or the Order Entry activity on the left
  • Associate orders with existing diagnoses from the problem list, when possible
  • When ordering immunizations, you must use a SmartSet (these include the medication order and the order to administer the vaccine)

The CMs will update the clinic flow sheet with your position in line.

  • If the plan has changed, you can enter and pend new or modified orders
  • Be sure to circle back with your attending and make sure your modifications get signed too!


Available in the same back room where morning didactics were held. Usually arrives around 11 AM.

See Patient 2 (11:30)

Same as above! Please make sure you move immediately ahead to seeing your second patient instead of spending the time working on the note for your first patient.

Notes and Sign-Out

  • Assign yourself as the provider and the department as EHHOP.
  • If you close your student note and need to get back to it, click Patient Station and double-click into it from that encounter list. DO NOT click Student Note again since you'll create a duplicate encounter!