New Patient Screening


NOV 2022 UPDATE: WE ARE NOW ACCEPTING NEW EHHOP PATIENTS!!!! Please add the name of the new patient to this spreadsheet and fill out the columns. When done adding the patient click the blue button and allow the script to run, this sends an update to the Chief TSs so they can continue the EPIC side of the intake.

There are three major eligibility criteria for patients to be seen at EHHOP.

A paper form can be downloaded and used for the initial steps of the screening.

Alternatively, use the .EHHOPINTAKE Epic SmartText for your Social Work note—this contains all important data that needs to be charted during new patient intake. It includes:

If the patient is determined to not be eligible for EHHOP services, please use the .EHHOPBRIDGE SmartText to do a brief medical screening that assesses the need for an urgent visit, and share it with the Teaching Senior in clinic if positive.

If you do not have access to the .EHHOPINTAKE and .EHHOPBRIDGE SmartTexts, please contact the Ops Chair.

Patient Centered Care - Please make sure to discuss with the patient if they are free on Saturdays. If they work on Saturday you may want to discuss other East Harlem options for them (Boriken Neighborhood Health Center, Institute of Family Health, Settlement Health).