Stool Tests



1) Make sure the patient has the supplies needed for stool collection:

  1. Grey bin to be placed in toilet bowl to catch stool (can be found behind examination table in Labs room in Firm A)
  2. Sterile, plastic screw-cap vial (same as used for urine samples)
  3. Wooden spatula / tongue depressor (can be found in appointment room drawers or cabinet in Labs room)
  4. Gloves

2) Tell the patient to empty their bladder and then place the grey bin within the toilet bowl prior to their bowel movement. After they have defecated into the grey bin, they should put on their gloves and use the wooden spatula to collect a thumb-nail sized sample of stool and place this sample within the sterile vial. They should dump remaining contents into the toilet and dispose of the grey bin, spatula, and gloves. If the patient is planning to take the kit home and bring in a stool sample on a later clinic date, they should be advised that the stool sample should be less than 24 hours old when they bring it to clinic.

3) If the patient is able to provide a stool sample in clinic, review the In Basket Orders to ensure that an order for H. pylori antigen stool test has been signed, and that the labels have been printed. Place the label on the vial. If the patient is taking the kit home and is planning to walk in with a stool sample, the order should be placed and signed by the team the day they walk in.

4) Store specimen until end of day and then deliver along with blood tubes to the Icahn Building, 8th Floor. Make a left out of the elevator and then turn right. Go to the window on the left at the end of the hall that says “Drop off specimens here.”

FIT Testing

1) Give the patient the FIT test kit and the instructions on the envelope. Also give the patient a hat from the dirty utility room to be worn when collecting the specimen.

2) Print the label from Epic order (FIT - Fecal occult by immunoassay) and place on the specimen bottle. The patient can bring the labeled kit home to complete.

3) Patients should drop the specimen in the sealed envelope to IMA firm C on Saturdays (EHHOP). Samples are delivered to MSHS lab along with all other laboratory tests.

For information about fecal blood testing, please see here.