Storage, Locker Codes, and Diabetes Supplies


Storage, Locker Codes, and Diabetes Supplies

There are a few places around EHHOP where pharmaceuticals and other supplies are stored. Below are some of the codes/instructions you'll need to access these supplies.

PDAP Boxes

In-Clinic Medication Box

IMA Lockers

IMA Supply Cabinet

IMA Supply Closet

Student Lounge Closet

Annenberg 13-51 Closet

Diabetic Testing Supplies:

Testing blood glucose requires a lot of supplies, including: lancets, test strips, syringes, sharps containers, alcohol swabs. There are also forms for diabetes glucose logs, blood pressure logs, healthy plate, medication list, etc. We supply all of these to our patients. Below are a few places they might be located:

If you cannot locate the needed supplies in any of these locations please call or email the pharmacy chair to confirm that we are out of supplies. Also, take down the patient's name, phone number, supplies needed, and supplies at home. We will arrange for them to pick up supplies during the week.

Please only distribute diabetes supplies to patients listed in the weekly call sheet under the “Pharmacy” tab. If the patient is not on that tab, please speak with the TS prior to distributing any supplies.

Only one box (100 strips) or two boxes (50 strips each) of diabetes test strips should be distributed at most every three months to patients. You can check when a patient last received and is next due for a box here. If the patient tests more than once a day, they can receive 200 strips per 3 months.

Please tell the CMs any time a supply item is distributed.