Refilling Prescriptions


Medication Refills

1) REFILLS --> use the "MEDICATION REFILL" encounter in Epic under the EPIC button

2) NEW meds you are prescribing outside clinic or NEW referrals or NEW imaging/etc. orders outside of clinic --> use the "ADDENDUM" feature under the Epic button.

Refills: The Long Version

If a patient calls requesting a refill or you are prescribing a medication previously discussed with the patient/attending and you are not in clinic, you may e-prescribe the medication as follows:

1) To enter an Rx, in Epic, choose Epic → Patient Care → Refill Medication

Note: if you are refilling on clinic day, during sign-out, you do NOT need to create a new encounter. You can use the visit encounter from the clinic day schedule.

2) Please make sure you review the patient’s medications before proceeding. You may need to clarify with the patient how much medication they have left or call the pharmacy x47720 to confirm the status of the medication.

3) Epic will list patient’s current medications, next to which there is a Reorder button. Click on Reorder for the medication you wish to refill. Alternatively, you can type in the name of the medication in the Order Entry text box.

4) Click on that order to make sure the information is correct: Under “Class” select E-Prescribing. This ensures that the refill goes directly to the Icahn School of Medicine Pharmacy. Choose the number of tablets to prescribe based on when the patient will next be seen at EHHOP (ex: if not coming in for three months, supply enough tablets to last until then). This can be either all tablets received at once (e.g. 90 tablet Rx) or a monthly supply with adequate refills (e.g. 30 tablet Rx with 2 refills).

5) Check that the Pharmacy (top tab) has “Icahn School of Medicine Pharmacy” listed. This is important, because if it is NOT listed, our pharmacy will NOT see the e-script.

6) TIP: You may see an error message below the medication being ordered saying "Medication can't be e-prescribed, no authorizing provider." If you see this, click the checkbox to the left medication name on the main refill encounter navigation screen. It will prompt you to list an "Authorizing Provider." You can list Yasmin Meah or David Skovran, and click accept. This should make the error message "Medication can't be e-prescribed, no authorizing provider" disappear!

7) Please Route this refill to Dr. Meah and David Skovran. Include a brief message about why you are placing this refill order. NOTE: You will not be able to close the refill encounter, but routing it is sufficient and it will be sent to be signed. You can just “X” out of the refill encounter. Once the order has been signed, you will get an "Rx response" in your basket notifying you that the med has been refilled.