Previsit Labs


Pre-Visit Labs

Monday (5 Days Prior to Clinic)

-Document a telephone encounter in which you pend future orders for needed labs.

-Ensure that the encounter is routed to Chief TS's, Dr. Meah, and David Skovran (who will sign orders).

-Specific directions on pending future orders can be found here

Tuesday (4 Days Prior to Clinic)

-Check that lab orders are signed

-Call patients to inform them to go to CAM Lobby Labs Room (17 E 102nd St), M-F 9AM-5PM for lab draw

-Watch for results in your in-basket. Write result note when results are in and update sign-in accordingly (with plan).

Thursday (2 Days Prior to Clinic)

-Call patients that have not yet gone for labs to remind them.

-Continue to check for results

Sunday-Tuesday (1-3 Days Post Clinic)

-Continue to check for lab results for Telehealth patients. If any go in, write lab result note & plan.

-Once approved by Dr. Meah call patient with results and document as telephone encounter.

Wednesday (4 Days Post Clinic)

-Sign-out any tasks to next Telehealth TS, including letting them know who still needs to go for labs.

-Consider scheduling these patients for Labs Only visit so that they do not “fall through the cracks.”