Prescribing Urgent and In-Clinic Medications


Prescribing Urgent and In-Clinic Medications

If patients urgently need medications, we can either dispense a limited number in clinic or send patients to Metropolitan Pharmacy.

In-Clinic Dispensing

We have a limited number of medications that we are able to dispense in-clinic:

These medications are intended for urgent treatments that need to be started immediately and only for a single dose until the patient can pick up a full prescription. Only the main TS for the day can dispense these medications. If a patient needs one of these medications, please first confirm with the attending and then speak with the TS.

All medications to be dispensed in clinic are stored in the "In-Clinic Medication Box", which will be by the PDAP boxes or in the CM box. The only exceptions are Albuterol and Epi-Pens, which are in the IMA Supply Cabinet. Extra pill bottles are in the IMA Cabinet, see 'Storage, Locker Codes, and Diabetes Supplies' for more instructions. The combination for the box is 3-6-9. Please make sure the box is returned at the end of clinic.

To dispense medications:

  1. Go to and log-in with your username and password. The main clinic's site ID is: 69862.
  2. Click on “Dispensing” from the left menu bar and click on “Dispense”.
  3. Type in “Patient Details” which are first name, last name, DOB, gender, and wellness ID (MRN). Returning patients can be searched in “Patient View Options”.
  4. Choose physician/provider in dropdown box.
  5. Click on “Proceed to cart”.
  6. Click on the blue link for "Browse: Inventory" and then click on the shopping cart next to the lot number of appropriate medication. Select the quantity of tablets dispensed. Do not select "Checkout" until all medications are selected.
  7. Modify SIGS (if needed).
  8. Click on "Proceed to DUR".
  9. Click on “Checkout” once all medications have been added to the cart.
  10. If you need to print a label, click on “Print Pharmacy label”.
  11. Select any of the pod's printer for labels. Make sure to insert the sheet of labels upside down and label side toward the back. Labels should be in the in-clinic medication box and extras in the IMA lockers.
  12. Close out of pharmacy label screen.
  13. Put labels on bottle, fill, and give to patient.
  14. When recording this medication in Epic, please mark the frequency as "Once", the class as "No Print" and the Sig as "Dispensed at EHHOP". If this is the first dose in a new treatment for the patient, make sure there is also an active script in Epic for the remainder of the patients treatment.
  15. Please make a note that this medication was distributed in clinic on the TS Sign-Out.

Metropolitan Pharmacy

We also order urgent medications from Metropolitan Pharmacy. MetroRx is usually closed by 3:00 p.m. on Saturdays, and is closed on Sundays.

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